Aavin Products Price List 2021

Aavin on Saturday announced new prices after the rate reduction announced by the State government on Friday. Half a litre of toned milk (blue packet) will now cost ₹20 in place of ₹21.50 and monthly card holders would have to pay ₹18.50.

Standardised milk (green magic) would now be priced ₹22 (500 ml), full cream milk (orange packs) ₹24 (500 ml) and double toned milk (purple packs) ₹18.50 (500 ml).

For a 30-day cycle, cardholders would pay ₹555 for 500 ml toned milk, ₹630 for 500 ml standardised milk, ₹690 for 500 ml full cream milk and ₹540 for 500 ml of double toned milk. Cardholders who paid in advance are being told that the excess amount would be adjusted next month.


November 2021

Name Of The ProductPack SizePrice(Rs per unit)
Dates Khoa500gm220.00 
Dates Khoa250gm115.00 
Dates Khoa100gm48.00 
Unsugared Khoa1 Kg500.00 
Unsugared Khoa500gm250.00 
Milk Peda100gm42.00 
Milk Peda250gm100.00 
N’Rich (Bottle) FM200ml20.00 
Probiotic Curd100ml14.00 
Probiotic Curd200ml25.00 
Probiotic Lassi200ml25.00 
Lassi (Sachet)200ml18.00 
Yoghurt (Spl)100ml20.00 
Yoghurt (Ord)100ml18.00 
Curd (Loose)1 lit60.00 
Curd (Sachet)200ml12.00 
Curd Special100ml10.00 
Curd Special200ml20.00 
Butter Milk (Ord)200ml5.00 
Butter Milk (Spl)200ml8.00 
Flavoured Milk (Thro Dispenser)200ml20.00 
Pack SizeExisting MRP(Rs)Discount (Rs)Effective Price(Rs)
 Ghee 1 Lit JAR410.00 40.00 370.00 
 Ghee 1 Lit Carton405.00 30.00 375.00 
 Ghee 500 ML JAR210.00 15.00 195.00 
 Ghee 500 ML Carton205.00 15.00 190.00 
 Ghee 200 ML JAR90.00 5.00 85.00 
 Ghee 5 Lit JAR2,050.00 175.00 1,875.00 
 Ghee 15 kg TIN6,680.00 610.00 6,070.00

Procurement price

Aavin clarified that procurement prices of milk would remain the same.

Producers supplying cow’s milk with 4.3% fat and 8.2% solids-non-fat in a litre of cow’s milk would be paid ₹32 per litre and those supplying their respective cooperative societies buffalo’s milk with 7% fat and 8.8% SNF would be paid ₹41 per litre. “These prices have been in effect from August 2019,” said an official.

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