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Many times there are some incorrect details are entered in the Pan card. This happens due to carelessness of the applicant or negligence from the issuer of the Pan card. To enter correct information is must, but if mistakenly any wrong information entered then you can also correct it.

The permanent account number (PAN) card, a 10-character alphanumeric identifier issued by the Indian Income Tax Department is a crucial document of identification and necessary for filing income tax returns. Therefore, it is important that all details on the card are updated and correct at all times.

However, if you do notice an error, don’t fret. There is a simple method to revise any incorrect information on the PAN card from the comfort of your home.

Here’s how you can correct any errors in your PAN card:

Visit Tin-NSDL website

– Select ‘PAN’ in the ‘service section’ option after home page is opened.

– Click on ‘Apply’ in the change/ correction in data option on the new page.

– Change or correction in existing PAN date/reprint of Pan card to be selected.

– In ‘Correct category’, select the different option.

– Name, date of birth, e-mail id can be easily changed and then click on submit.

– Click on ‘PAN Application Form’

– You will have to submit a scan copy when e-KYC will be sought.

– Enter requested details like name, address, age proof, id proof etc.

– Submit all the ID proof papers to NSDL e-Gov office after payment, along with receipt of payment.

– Information will be corrected.

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By kulvir Ageti

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