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Hyderabad: On Sunday, the Jubilee Hills Public School witnessed the arrival of many influential stars of the Telegu film industry who can come to cast their vote for their favourite candidate contesting in this year’s election of the Movie Artists Association (MAA).

The Movie Artist Association election is held every year to elect the new office-bearers of the association.

This year, the fight is between two elite celebrities of the Telegu film industry, Prakash Jha and Vishnu Manchu.

However, there were some dramatic elements present in the coming together of the Telegu superstars right outside the polling booth.

Prakash Jha and Vishnu Manchu, who are deemed as rivals due to the election, were seen hugging each other. In fact, Prakash Jha was also seen touching the feet of Vishnu Manchu’s father, Mohan Babu, who had greeted the actor warmly. This surprised many as the two candidates were engaged in a war of words during the election campaign.

Two other well-known actors of the industry, Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan were also present in the venue. Speaking to the press, the two said that they hoped that the bitterness between the two candidates will come to an end as soon as the election is over.

Chiranjeevi said, “I think we should consider this election as an aberration and as a new normal. Such things are not good (for the industry). It was very unfortunate and we will try to avoid such situations in the future.”

In an effort to hide his inclination towards a particular candidate, he added, “No matter who comes to power, we will all work together to take MAA to the next level.”

Pawan Kalyan, who revealed that he has never taken part in such an election, said, “Even I didn’t understand the need for that. We have seen instances of ruling parties coming to us, seeking cooperation to fight local body elections. When there is such a level of cooperation in politics, they (Prakash Raj and Vishnu) could have sat together and sorted out the differences.”

The polling station was also a witness to some clash that occurred at the site. This included making allegations against the rival party, followed by some being forcefully escorted out of the venue. In a TV report, Prakash Jha and Naresh could be seen close to engaging in a fistfight after a heated debate.

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By kulvir Ageti

bloger and markiting

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